Top 10 Best Logo Design Companies of 2015

The Top 10 Logo Design Companies of 2015

Welcome! Interested in how I started this website? Checkout my story to the right of the table below. The logo design companies I have included in this list have been tested by me and my team, and have been ranked according to our rating system which takes into account design quality, speed of work, price, and customer service.

Back in 2007, while starting my first online company, I invested $1300 in a logo for my business and wasnt pleased with the outcome at all. I then went on to hire a freelancer to help me fix the $1300 logo, and he was both unable to meet deadlines nor was he able to produce anything I was happy with. I ended up going back to a THIRD design company to finish the project. 4 weeks later, $1750 spent, and stress levels through the roof, I finally had a logo I was proud of. It is because of this experience that I decided to help others in a similar situation. You dont need to spend over $1000 on a logo design, and spending $20 will get you no where either. Over the past 8 years, I've tried and tested so many design companies I've lost count.


What Should I Look For In a Logo Design Company?
There are 100s of logo design companies out there. When looking at a company there are a few things to look for. 1) Do they have a nice logo? If their own logo looks unprofessional then we suggest to look elsewhere. 2) Do they have a professional looking website? Web design and logo design require similar skillsets. If a logo design company has a bad looking website then don't bother. 3) Is the price resonable? $100 to $400 is the average for quality logo designers, be careful buying under or over that price range. 4) Do they have an unconditional refund? We suggest you always choose a company which offers this!
What Does A Logo Cost?
Based on our research, the average logo design will cost between $100 and $400. We don't recommend going much cheaper than $100 dollars as these deals will be with logo factories or logo contests. Avoid these at all costs, as you will end up paying another $100-$400 down the line for a logo you're happy with.
Should I look for A Logo Design Company Locally?
Based on our experience, we don't recommend it. Local design companies are usually much more expensive and usually inferior to companies which deal with clients on a national and international level.
Is Logo Generator/Creator Software A Good Option?
Many companies offer you the ability to design your own logo for a very cheap price ($20 to $30) using logo generator/creator software. These logos are created from ready-made templates and the design quality is very poor.
What If I Don't Like My Logo Design?
Most companies will offer logo revisions so you will eventually have something you really like. Don't purchase a logo design plan that doesn't atleast have two revisions included in the price!
What Does Vector Format Mean?
A vector file can typically be described as a small, scalable, and editable image that provides designers infinite freedom when it comes to graphic design and illustration. As such, vector images are ideal for graphics such as company logos, banner ads, and other design images that often require scaling. Why is a vector file important, you may ask? Well, if you're looking to add your logo to both big and small items (for example, a business card and a delivery truck), you will need to be able to scale your logo to any size without sacrificing quality. This is why a vector image is important.

Tutorial Videos

  • by Peter Pollock, author of Logo Design for Dummies
    Most logos aren't designed in fifteen minutes, but most designers aren't this guy.
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  • by James May, author of Brand Design and Concept
    A sped up look at how some designers work with pencil before putting anything on the screnn.
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Design Company
$199 $99
  • Amazing Quality for Price
  • Stunning, Award-winning Designs
  • 100% Guaranteed Refund
  • World-class Customer Service
  • Various Design Plans for Different Budgets
$399 $249
  • Established in 2000
  • Good Track Record
  • Was $399, now only $249
  • Quick Repsonse Time

Contact for quote
  • Designs More Than Just Logos
  • Large Design Team
  • Conditional Money-Back Guarantee
  • Up to Next Business Day Delivery
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Established in 2005
  • Professional Design Quality
  • Award-winning Designs
  • Professional Customer Service
  • London Based
  • Lifetime File Storage
  • Logo Design Since 2002
  • Conditional Money Back Guarantee
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4 Tips on Choosing the Right Logo Design Services

Before the search even begins, determine how much you can spend on the logo. One thing to keep in mind is that, like any other business investment, the more you put into it, the greater the return. A logo that costs $50 will yield only the most basic design. In reality, small businesses should expect to spend anywhere from $250 to $500 for a logo, if they can afford it.

Be Prepared to Talk About Your Company

This may sound obvious, but you should try to avoid that conference-room chaos mentioned earlier. During your first meeting, a good firm will ask you to describe your company's personality, tone, and future aspirations. Some agencies use questionnaires to make things easier. For companies just starting out, or even for older companies shopping for a fresh logo, answering these questions can prove tricky, especially if you have partners and associates with you; not everyone may agree on what defines your company and where the logo should go.

"You have to really know who you are as a brand, so you'll be able to make decisions," says Titi Branch, founder of Miss Jessie's hair products in New York. She had a clear idea of what she wanted and discussed how Miss Jessie's was a nod to her grandmother. The logo came out as a textual treatment, with "Miss Jessie's" in a swirling cursive, similar to the writing of Branch's grandmother.

Do They Have a Thorough Design Process?

Do they have a logo design process in which they follow or are they simply producing logos like fast food? A typical process does not take under 24 hours to complete which is why I wrote the article How NOT To Design A Logo which tells you to avoid design contests, logo factories, etc.

Think for how long your logo design will be in use - would you want that to be designed (let alone researched) in under 24 hours? Logo design is not a take away food store and this is why logo design does not cost $5.00.

There is no 'typical' time frame as every client will have different needs but for small and medium businesses a rough guide would be around 3 - 7 days.